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Police Guns Are Turning Up in Crimes, But ATF Can’t Talk About It

Police Guns Are Turning Up in Crimes, But ATF Can’t Talk About It

By Alain Stephens.

In the last year, residents of Fort Worth, Texas, have watched as shootings spiked across the city.

Month after month, new victims emerged: a woman killed in a mall parking lot, two toddlers accidentally shot outside a Chuck E. Cheese’s, seven shot in a drive-by in a residential neighborhood. The 2016 murder rate was a 15-year high.

The city’s Police Department had a plan. “In an effort to get firearms off the streets, the Fort Worth Police Department is implementing a gun buyback program,” the departmentannounced May 18.

On a hot summer day six weeks later, nearly a dozen officers set up shop in an Aldi parking lot, offering a $50 gift card to anyone who turned in a gun. It was the third buyback the department conducted since the program’s announcement.

However, the police had competition. Skirting the edges of the parking lot, a group of men stood with homemade cardboard signs outbidding the police.

One man accompanied his daughter, who held a sign reading, “Sell my daddy your gun!” She stood next to another buyer, wearing a shirt reading, “Fuck your gun free zone.” Another man clad in neon green waved dollar bills at passersby. The deals took place in less than a minute.

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