The California State Association of Counties released the following statement regarding action taken today on the state budget:
California counties appreciate the action taken by the Legislature today to approve a budget that has a balanced approach. We know that there is much to dislike in this budget, including significant cuts in services. However, a budget resolution allows the state’s economy to begin to recover and eases the cash crisis that has crippled counties’ ability to provide vital federal- and state-mandated health and human services to people who desperately need them.

Like the state, California counties are in a fiscal crisis. Counties across the state are taking dramatic steps to resolve their budget shortfalls, while experiencing declining revenues and skyrocketing caseload increases. In addition, counties are not receiving nearly $270 million this month for social services due to payment delays by the state controller because of the state’s cash crisis. California counties appreciate the Legislature’s recognition that counties cannot sustain the demand for safety net services alone and that further delay in finding a budget resolution would drastically affect the people we serve.