Dad has his wallet open and all his kids are waiting for their share of the cash.

Local officials around the state are waiting for congress’ decision this week to approve a stimulus package estimated at more than $800 billion to ignite local economies. In the Sacramento area, local voices say they are waiting to put thousands of unemployed back to work right away.

An organization of local political and business leaders from throughout Fresno County are awaiting Federal funding for a list of projects (watch video).

However, the San Francisco Chronicles talked with mayor Gavin Newsom, who said that the stimulus only helps roughly 10 percent of the budget challenges San Francisco will face.

The biggest problem: Anything that the stimulus package would give the city is currently being taken away through the state’s budget woes.

Newsom told the Chronicle, “At the end of the day, and we’re doing the math her, (the stimulus bill) is not going to reconcile our local budget and not going to put everybody back to work.”

But while Newsom believes the stimulus bill might no solve the city’s economic problems, if the bill is not passed, it would be disastrous. features an article entitled “Three More Reasons to Oppose the Stimulus Package,” which argues the notion that the stimulus package would create jobs at the state and local level. Their editorialist Nick Gillespie writes, “In a couple of years, when the idiots running things at the state and local levels have run through their bailout cash, we’ll be back to the same situation: A bloated public sector that needs yet another bailout.”