A quick grab gag of how different California cities are gearing up for a possible stimulus boost:

Through the federal economic stimulus package, Santa Cruz County will be given nearly $540,000 in grants to hire and retain law enforcement officers.

The Department of Public Health of San Francisco is hoping to receive $67 million for a number of health care upgrades.

Local officials in San Berardino are hoping that stimulus funds will go towards a high-speed rail system with possible stops in their city.

Pasadena is hoping part of the approved $787 stimulus package – $50 billion of which is for energy programs – will be put towards more efficient bulbs in street lights.

Murrieta assistant city manger, Jim Holston, says that a upgrade of an Interstate in Murrieta is a top candidate to receive transportation funds in Riverside County.

The idea of cities swapping stimulus money in exchange for cash for their treasuries was nixed by Los Angels County last week.

There’s plenty going on throughout California as local governments look to get a boost from the federal stiumlus package. See something interesting, e-mail jspencer@publicCEO.com.