It was the first political blooper on PublicCEO when back in January, eight days after being sworn in as the mayor of Atlantic Beach, South Carolina, Retha Pierce was arrested.

We joked, at least she made it a week.

The crime then was trespassing at town hall. The Interim Town Manager called the police when Pierce refused to leave after getting in an argument with the town clerk and an employee.

According to the original article in the Myrtle Beach Sun News, that arrest wasn’t her first either as a town official.  The Mayor has also dealt with driving violations from a traffic stop in December 2007 and a charge of resisting arrest that ended in a mistrial in 2008.

Pierce is at it again. Arrested again in April on hit-and-run charges after reportedly sideswiping another vehicle. According to the article, “the woman said she and the other driver pulled into a parking lot to look at the damage. She said the other driver then got back into her car and left the scene.”

Also, check out the video as she explains at a town council meeting following the incident her January arrest.