Wow. The video here is pretty unreal.

A city councilman from the city of Roseland, Ind. is forced to leave a budget meeting and is then taken down by a Roseland police officer.

David Snyder got into a pretty heated argument with council member Charlie Shields before Shields ejected him from the meeting.

As the police escort Snyder out of the room, things get a little bit extreme. Not sure what Snyder said to the cop, but the reaction was intense.

The footage shows the police officer shove Snyder to the ground. As the cameras follow the debacle outside, you can see Roseland Officer Jack Tiller sitting atop Snyder and punching him in the head.

According to an article by local news, Snyder was taken to St. Joseph County jail and held overnight but released after prosecutor review.

Snyder was quoted, “David Snyder said, “I’m a victim of a rogue cop a cop that should no longer be wearing a badge and he should no longer be on the streets. He is a danger to society.”