A real family affair.

The mayor of Mill Creek, outside of Charleston, W.Va., was arrested on Wednesday along with her son and daughter for attempting to sneak contraband in the hands of an inmate at a correctional facility.

According to the Associated Press article, Diane Currence was arrested for delivering contraband to an adult in custody, conspiracy and possession of marijuana. Currence’s boyfriend is an inmate at the Huttonsville Correctional Institute.

Her, along with her 31-year-old son Jason and 27-year-old daughter Kathryn, were in jail as late as Wednesday morning awaiting arraignment.

Local sheriff deputies told Hilary Magacs of a West Virginia NBC affiliate that the three were providing inmates with marijuana, prescription drugs and tobacco, sheriff’s deputies say.

An anonymous comment on Magacs’ story says, “… If the mayor is doing this stuff, of course others are getting away with it. Lock ’em up and throw away the key!!! Get some people in Mill Creek that will clean the place up. It is full of drugs, pills, and users.”


Photos courtesy of West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority.