It’s a historic rivalry, as showcased in Caddyshack. Man versus not exactly beast.

Groundskeeper versus gopher.

Unfortunately for the City of Spokane, Wash. Parks and Recreation department, getting rid of the rodents isn’t as easy as the arcade game, where a simple toy hammer sends the nuisance back out of sight.

The Finch Arboretum, a 65-acre botanical and tree garden, is addressing an overtaking of ground squirrels, with the help of some unique artillery.

The weaponry: A device called the Rodenator Pro.  The machine detonates the 100 to 150 squirrels tearing up the grounds, according to a Seattle Times article.

As stated on the Rodenator Web site, the piece of equipment delivers a precisely measured mixture of propane and oxygen into the tunnel or burrow of invasive pests. The operator detonates it, causing an instantaneous underground shock wave of concussive force.

You can check out a clip here on YouTube that shows the Rodenator at work.

Of course, when it comes to dismissing any type of animal with devices that look like they were developed by the military, there is going to be a bit of backlash.

Gail Mackie, Director of Spokanimal – a local animal shelter and Humane Society chapter – was quoted in an Associated Press article, “You’re kidding. That borders on cruelty.”