California Special Districts Association has launched a new section on its website that is dedicated to updating our members on the possible suspension of Proposition 1A (2004).

You can find the new section by clicking here.

Check the new section regularly as it will be updated as CSDA receives any new information about a suspension of Prop 1A. Also find a Next Steps section, which includes sample letters and resolutions that districts can use to fight any possible shift of local government revenues to the state.

The governor has proposed to borrow $2 billion from special districts, cities and counties to help close the $21.3 billion budget shortfall. That amounts to an 8 percent shift of property tax revenues from each local entity. CSDA would like to know what an 8 percent shift of property tax revenues means to your district. Take the survey now.

Last week, the governor announced that he will abandon plans to borrow up to $5.5 billion in Revenue Anticipation Warrants. CSDA, the League of California Cities and the California State Association of Counties sent the governor a joint letter in response to his comments about finding other solutions to borrowing.

The joint letter asked that the governor go a step further and reject further borrowing by not suspending Prop 1A. Read the full letter here.