Recent legislation that bars batteries, medical Sharps and compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) from the trash has left California residents confused about the right way to dispose of household hazardous waste.

As city leaders become flooded with questions about proper disposal, Waste Management has developed its “Think Green From Home” program.

TGFH allows participants to recycle CFLs, batteries and other electronics from the convenience of their homes.

“The main purpose of the program is to provide residential customers an easy, online, mail back program for the safe recycling and disposal of material banned from the everyday waste stream,” said Justin Caporusso, Communications Manager with Waste Management.

Participants in the program can order a kit online or by phone for around $17.00.  The kit is mailed to their home and can be filled at the participant’s convenience.  When full, the kit is mailed back using a pre-paid postage label.

Caporusso stated that the cost to include the TGFH program would be minimal, but would need to come from local governing bodies.

“In an effort to reduce the cost to individual residential users, WM has incorporated the kits into many of its franchise agreements for cents on the dollar,” Caporusso said. “For an increase of just pennies on their monthly trash bill, all city residents receive a kit.

“It would need to be incorporated into the municipal franchise agreement, and voted on by the governing body (city council or BOS).”

The program is available to customers and non-customers across the country.

The City of Lancaster purchased battery recycling and CFL recycling kits through Waste Management’s TGFH program, and make each available to residents for free per household, distributing them at city-sponsored events. As residents need more kits, they can purchase them at

“Lancaster is the first city in California to provide residents with this important and innovative service,” Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris said in a release. “This program provides an easy way for residents to do the right thing and keep their homes and our community green,” said Parris.

Waste Management representatives have praised the launch in Lancaster.

“Waste Management is glad our program is helping Lancaster residents with at-home recycling options,” said Sandra Pursley, Community Relations Manager for Waste Management.  “We are committed to offering the best solutions for our customers’ sustainability goals.”

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