A guide to the recent news with California’s City Managers. This week’s edition includes one City Manager’s first review in four years following turmoil with elected officials, an Assistant City Manager moves up, City Manager pay cuts and much more.

Rich Holmer’s contract is supposed to come with a yearly evaluation. But after four years, the Riverbank City Manager’s first performance review will take place. Recently, the city has seen controversy with the resignation of the city’s mayor and two Council members.  – The Modesto Bee

From the City Manager to entry-level workers, Brentwood city workers will forgo pay hikes across the board. – The Mercury News

David Brandt, the former assistant City Manager in Alameda, is now the City Manager of Redmond, Ore. – KTVZ.com

Public employee pensions are often based on the highest annual total pay received on the job. A variety of ways can be used to “spike” pay shortly before retirement, thus boosting lifelong pensions that increase annually with inflation. A Manhattan Beach city manager received a $139,000 annual pension, $50,000 more than he earned on the job. But his pension was later cut by $60,000. –  Capitol Weekly

Long Beach City Manager Pat West detailed the 2010 proposed budget, explaining painful cuts that are necessary to ensure the city’s financial health. – Long Beach Post

Like many cities in Southern California, Lake Elsinore has experienced a growth spurt in the past several years. In fact, this busy lake community has become much more than a summer destination for tourists, said City Manager Bob A. Brady. – PublicCEO.com

The Grand Terrace City Council voted to terminate Steve Berry as acting City Manager. – San Bernardino Sun