Homelessness has always been an issue requiring constant attention for most cities and counties throughout the state.

But through hard economic times and further budget cuts, San Francisco – known for its organizations and programs for the homeless – is struggling even more to handle the homeless situation.

The Coalition on Homelessness, San Francisco is facing an estimated 9 percent loss of beds, said coalition official Bob Offer-Westort.

The non-profit organization is organizing the homeless in the city to volunteer their help to keep vital services open, claimed Offer-Westort.

Offer-Westort stated the city has two major drop centers that collect essentials for the homeless. One of these centers has been cut, while the other has faced a heavy reduction of hours.

Local food programs have offered support to organizations struggling to continue services.

“Local food programs are private,” said Offer-Westort.

The city has been weaning cuts citywide, which has impacted the homeless.

Citizens facing job loss in Ventura County are facing pressure from local police to get off the street.

City Manager of Ventura, Rick Cole, told the Los Angeles Times, “It’s not an epidemic, but it’s real.”

The city of Lompoc declined to comment at this time.

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