A letter was sent to PublicCEO in regards to a story that we ran on Thursday, “Traffic Cops vs. Businesses,” with a unique perspective on in increased parking fines and its effect on downtown businesses.

The story Thursday dealt with businesses in the South Bay Area’s Menlo Park that are complaining that tough parking violations and increased fines are driving customers away in the downtown area.

The following anonymous viewpoint came from a traffic sergeant in a California city:

“A lot of California cities, including ours, receive grant funding from the Office of Traffic Safety to enforce DUI and seat belt laws. The grant requirements are very stringent and are time sensitive.

Last holiday season, we were planning for a Click It or Ticket operation around our regional mall. We chose this area due to the high traffic volume and it also has an intersection where we have a lot of red light violations. The plan was in place for nine motor officers to work this area for a four-hour period.

Prior to the enforcement period, the order came down from City Hall to not work this area as it may affect retail sales and anger people.

Never mind that is where all the cars were and where the violations were occurring and we were fulfilling our duties as it relates to the grant.

It is infuriating to be told not to do the job they pay you for due to possible economic ramifications.

Public safety once again takes a back seat for political correctness. We can keep our city safe but not if it bothers someone.”

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