Your editorial, “Senator Wiggins Does the Right Thing,” is both offensive and embarrassing.

It is offensive to Senator Patricia Wiggins to imply that she doesn’t make her own decisions about the bills that come before the Senate Local Government Committee. 

The Committee’s staff delivers our policy reviews, but Senator Wiggins always makes up her own mind about how she votes.  After considering our policy reviews and the advice she receives from others, I can tell you that the Senator doesn’t always agree with us.

It is embarrassing to me because you undermined my professional integrity.  Declaring that I am “really the person in charge anyway” runs counter to the way that I have served the State Senate since 1982. 

My role is to serve this institution by delivering the most professional behavior that I can muster.  I don’t participate in legislators’ political or electoral decisions, and I most certainly was not involved in Senator Wiggins’ choice to not run again.

PublicCEO should know better.

Peter Detwiler, Staff Director
Senate Local Government Committee