The City Manager Roundup is back, this week highlighting new hires throughout the state. The cities of Novato, Redmond and Fillmore have all named new City Managers. Calimesa gave its interim City Manager a more lasting title.
  • Cathy Capriola moves from her role as a top administrator in the Sacramento Suburb of Citrus Heights to Marin County, as she becomes Assistant City Manager in Novato. She has a steep task in front of her, as Novato was forced to cut $3 million out of its 2009-10 budget and will have a $5 million deficit faced for each of the next five years.  – Marin I.J.

  • David Brandt will begin as the new City Manager in the city of Redmond. Brandt’s past titles include Assistant City Manager and City Attorney in Alameda. Like most public administrators right now, Redmond says the budget will be top priority.  –

  • The word “interim” has been dropped, and Randy Anstine will remain as the permenant City Manager of Calimesa. Anstine has spent the past year as Interim City Manager in Calimesa. – Press-Enterprise

  • Fillmore will pay Yvonne Quiring $156,000 annually to become the new City Manager. Quiring recently worked  as the City Manager of Lathrop in San Joaquin County. She signed a three-year contract with the city. – Ventura County Star

  • Southern California has it good. In addition to Disneyland, there appears to be a second “happiest place on earth.”

    City Manager Karen Brust, in office since October 2007, said, “Del Mar is a happy place where residents enjoy fine shops, restaurants, beautiful beaches and a City Council that truly cares for its residents. –