The context surrounding parks and protected areas is rapidly changing.

Climate change, habitat loss, suburban and urban encroachment, increased fire severity, budget constraints and countless other problems pose challenges that require careful analysis and sophisticated solutions by leaders.

There is an immediate need for effective leadership training for the stewards of the world’s natural and cultural heritage. Thanks to the joint efforts of the University of California, Merced, the National Park Service, the Institute at the Golden Gate, the Great Valley Center, and the National Parks Conservation Association’s Center for Park Management that need will soon be filled.

These public agencies have created an 11-day intensive management seminar on leadership, innovation and organization renewal that will provide valuable training for international executive-level managers of parks and protected areas.

The seminar, which runs April 27, 2010, through May 7, 2010, will use locations at the Institute at the Golden Gate in San Francisco, UC Merced and Yosemite National Park as field laboratories for learning. Participants will meet industry leaders and innovative thinkers with expertise in leadership and park management, and will be able to form a network of global public land management leaders.

There is only space for 24 participants; early application is highly recommended.

Tentative speakers and facilitators include Charles A. O’Reilly of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and David Sibbet, president and founder of Grove Consultants International, as well as university professors, government leaders and other experts.

This seminar has been made possible by generous gifts from NPCA’s Center for Park Management, Toyota USA Foundation and The Yosemite Fund.


What: Executive Leadership Seminar for Park and Public Land Managers
When: April 27-May 7, 2010
Where: The course will begin at the Institute at the Golden Gate in San Francisco, proceed to the UC Merced campus and end in Yosemite National Park.
Curriculum: Case studies will focus on leading change and organizational renewal, trends and critical issues for public land managers, innovation, and generating motivation and commitment. Participants will apply lessons learned using a universal framework and will gain take-home action plans.
Who should apply: International leaders in park, protected area and cultural resource management from governments and nonprofit organizations
Price: $10,000 (includes tuition, lodging, food and transportation during seminar); Scholarships are available—see applicationfor details.
Deadline: The deadline to apply is November 20, 2009.
Info and To Apply: Visit