The city of Mountain View has taken another step in a multiyear process that works to acquire available open space and homes.

The city is buying the homes for development of two parks in walking distance of nearby housing communities.

The proposed $2.4 million process of developing and designing Del Medio Park and West Dana/Mariposa Park was discussed in Tuesday’s council meeting.

Assistant to the City Manager Kimberley Thomas said the goal of the city is to offer a place for activity in the local community.

In the next several years, these purchased housing structures will be demolished in order to provide open space for these parks.

Thomas explained that the city was not practicing imminent domain and in fact offered to assist families relocate if they desired.

Costs associated with development will come from the Park Land Dedication Fund and Open Space Acquisition Reserve Fund.

As stated in the city staff report, the council has a one-year project timeline to complete the design of the parks.

The city council has authorized the city manager to execute a professional design services contract with SSA Landscape Architects of Santa Cruz and Robert Mowat Associates of San Francisco.

For further details on Mountain Views capital improvement project take a look at this staff report.

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