The city of San Jose is taking advantage of tough economic times by using $15 million of federal stimulus money to create jobs and begin two transportation projects.

Because of funds received from the Recovery Act, the city has estimated 160 to 170 jobs will be created with the start of these projects.

Senior Executive Analyst Allen Fong claimed the first of the two projects will begin in two months and will work to resurface nearly 16 miles of arterial streets in San Jose.

The first project, Tier 1, will work to resurface 11 of the worst arterial roads.

A Transportation Department representative confirmed the second project; Tier 2 will resurface an additional six to nine miles of city streets.

Fong explained the funds became available to the city through formula allocation through the state. The amount was based on population, not because of a competitive application process.

“The project is helping the budget. San Jose is overdue for resurfacing,” Fong said.

Fong expressed his overwhelming approval for the projects saying, “It is a step in the right direction. It is a great infrastructure project.”

The city can put the costs that would have been associated with these repairs to other public works projects all while the city puts “folks to work.”

Fong said using federal stimulus to infuse into projects that put people to work is part of the goal,

“In terms of jobs creation, it is part of the goal. It is going to be a great benefit.”

Fong also claimed other California cities such as Oakland and San Francisco also have received similar federal funds to repair roads.

The second street project, Tier 2 will begin in San Jose during spring 2010.

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