In an alleged effort to stir controversy and gain publicity, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, has asked to place sexed up advertisements on city patrol cars.

PETA has claimed they will pay the financially struggling city to run “pro-vegan” advertisements on all police vehicles.

City of Vallejo Police Chief Robert Nichelini said, “It seems to us this is a scheme by PETA to obtain free publicity under the guise of a news story.”

A blog posted on PETA’s Web site states, “If Vallejo police chief Robert Nichelini allows PETA to serve our message to his community, no doubt many residents will make changes to better protect animals, the environment and their own health.” 

The campaign would feature a woman draped on the side of a car covered only by a lettuce bikini.

The slogan, “Lettuce serve and protect you.”

“Municipal governments are not permitted to display ‘political’ messages (paid or otherwise) unless we are willing to display all political messages,” said Nichelini.

Nichelini claimed if the city were to accept PETA’s proposal, they would end up with a PETA advertisement on one side of the car and a Cattlemens’ Association ad on the other side.

“Even if it were legally possible and cost-effective, the PETA advertisement is sexist and would be offensive to many of our employees,” said Nichelini.

Lindsay Rajt, Manager of PETA’s Campaign Department, claimed that the sexy lettuce advertisments would be fun and would get residents excited.

“We heard about Vallejo outsourcing to save money and designed these ads with patrol cars in mind,” Rajt said.

Rajt said that other cities have taken part in similar campaigns, but stated Nichelini would be the expert to call it a legal impossibility.

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