The city of Colton was looking to improve its image by generating more positive news coverage for its city.

But the hiring of a public relations consultant last year to do so, has ended up costing the city $13,725 worth of unauthorized work and portrayed the city in a negative light, according to the San Bernardino Sun.

According to the report, the Council hired Indian Wells-based CV Strategies in August 2008 at a $25,000 contract to counter negative press coverage after a recall election of Mayor Kelly Chastain and priors scandals that involved a City Councilmember who charged $5,000 on illicit phone calls and hotel charges on a city credit card.

On Tuesday, the City Council voted 4-3 to pay $13,725 more than the original contract allowed.

Following the departure of City Manager Daryl Parrish, who hired CV at the $25,000 mark before he took the City Manager position in Covina, city staff informed the Council that an additional $18,806 for work exceeding the contract.

“The company was hired to help improve the city’s image and it turned out to be another black eye,” Councilwoman Deirdre Bennett told the San Bernardino Sun.