Calaveras County has chosen Jeanne Boyce to take over as its County Administrative Officer beginning January 16.

Boyce, who has 15 years of government service, worked in the county administrative office in the past and is currently the director of the health services agency.

Russ Thomas, Chair of the Board of Supervisors, said when the board discovered they needed a new CAO, “Her name just kept being offered up as a person who could do a great job for us.”

Thomas said when Boyce took over the Health Department it was not running smoothly, but she is responsible for turning it into a success.

“They all speak of her abilities and style as very commendable,” Thomas said.

Boyce will be in the middle of a $160 million capital improvement project next year that will construct a jail and sheriff’s administration building.

When asked a primary issue concerning Calaveras, Thomas said, “Probably the same as what is on every other supervisor mind throughout the state. We got through this year by the skin of our teeth, and next year could be worse.”

Boyce will serve as interim beginning November 23.