This week, the city of La Puente named Josi Kenline as its new City Manager. The decision was reached in closed session by the City Council on Nov. 24.

Kenline replaces Interim City Manager Frank Tripepi who took over when Carol Crowley retired from the position in Sept. 2008. She will earn an annual salary of $160,000.

Kenline had previously been working as a member of the La Puente management team. She has 15 years of municipal government service, including service as the Assistant to the City Manager for the City of Indio and same for the City of Colton.  She worked in management for the City of San Bernardino for ten years and the City of Fontana prior to that.

She recently took time to answer some questions from

Q: What’s the first thing you plan to tackle as La Puente’s new City Manager?

A: To get out and know the community, because this is where real life happens for family, business and non-profits.  Together, we will advance the City.

Q: What do you see as the biggest issue that needs to be addressed by the city?

A: Meeting the needs of the community as all of America makes every effort to recover from our economic catastrophe.

Q: How is La Puente handling the recent economic downturn?

A: We have not reduced any of our city services nor laid off any employees; and we continue to operate with some reserves.

Q: You have past experience in city administration for a number of cities but have never served as an executive for those cities. Was that a hurdle in getting your new gig?

A: There was no hurdle getting into this position.  It was a perfect fit with me, the Council and Staff.  I count it a blessing.

Q: What is your relationship with the La Puente City Council? What do they expect of you?

A: I have developed a mutually excellent, professional relationship with the Council while volunteering and then working part-time for the last six months. I enjoy each of them.  

The Council expects me to advance their City ethically, morally and with integrity.  They expect positive change in their community that will benefit our residents.