San Luis Obispo City Council named Katie Lichtig as its new City Manager, a position that will pay her $221,000 annually.

Lichtig will replace Ken Hampian, who will leave on Jan. 13 after serving 20 years with the city and nine as the city manager. Lichtig will begin on Jan. 19.

Lichtig beat out a search that started with 100 candidates.

The San Luis Obispo Tribune reported on the raise Lichtig received over outgoing manager Hampian’s salary. Lichtig will earn $30,000 more than Hampian’s $194,300 salary.

“It’s something all of us on the council struggled with, some more than others,” Councilman Andrew Carter told the newspaper. “What it is really about is our salary grade is out of whack with the market.”

Mayor Dave Romero told the newspaper that the seemingly high salary for Lichtig is comparable or even lower than what she would be paid if she were the chief executive of a private business that had 358 employees and a $100 million budget.