The City of Palmdale’s crime rate for 2009 has plunged downward through the 300 barrier to reach a 15-year low of 294 crimes per 10,000 population.

Two years ago, Palmdale’s crime rate stood at 371. The City set a five-year goal of bringing the crime rate to under 300, a target that was reached three years ahead of schedule.   Palmdale’s crime rate now is at its the lowest level since 1995.

Officials credit the success to a team effort between law enforcement, City staff and the community at large that have partnered to clearly define goals through the City’s Partners for a Better Palmdale program, develop very decisive enforcement strategies, provide solid leadership and engage the community at large.

One example of this strategy at work was the formation of a Burglary Suppression Task Force at the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station in September. After seeing a rise in burglaries, the Task Force developed strategies that significantly decreased the number of burglaries and are expecting the trend to continue.

Another factor was the continued involvement of the local community with the City and law enforcement, particularly though the Neighborhood Watch program.  In 2007, there were approximately 65 Neighborhood Watch groups in Palmdale. However, after a concerted effort to engage residents, the number of groups exploded to 399 as of January 25, 2010.

City and law enforcement officials stated that while they were proud to have reached their benchmark of bringing the crime rate below 300, they would not stop their relentless pursuit of making Palmdale the safest city it could be.