The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the Los Angeles County district attorney has opened an investigation to determine whether or not Los Angeles Councilman Richard Alarcon lied and illegally claimed a Panorama City house as his resident.

“Investigators with the Public Integrity Division served a search warrant earlier this week at a house on Nordhoff Street where Alarcon is registered to vote. The house is owned by Alarcon’s wife, Flora Montes de Oca, and is within his 7th Council District in the northeast San Fernando Valley.

Another warrant was served at a second house owned by the councilman’s wife on Sheldon Street in the adjacent neighborhood of Sun Valley. That house is in the 2nd Council District, represented by newly elected Councilman Paul Krekorian.

David Demerjian, head deputy of the Public Integrity Division, said his office had received a complaint that Alarcon was living in a residence outside his district.”

A politician who registers to vote at a place that is not his residence can be charged with a felony, Demerjian said. The City Charter also requires candidates running for the council to live in the district they hope to represent.

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A futher Los Angeles Times piece reports the Alarcon said that he has not been living in the house for nearly three months because of safety concerns prompted by a burglary at that address.

Alarcon said that in late October a mentally ill man broke into his house, changed the locks on at least three doors and destroyed his possessions, including many of his clothes. “We haven’t been there since then, that’s for sure.” he said.