Being mayor usually has its perks.

Apparently, Super Bowl tickets aren’t one of them, even if your city is playing in the big game.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin hasn’t secured a ticket for Super Bowl XLIV in Miami on Feb. 7. In a radio interview on Thursday, Nagin said the Saints haven’t given him the nod that he’ll receive a spot in the official team ticket block, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

“I still don’t have tickets, but we’re going to work on that,” Nagin said in the interview. “I don’t have tickets. …We called the Saints organization, and they said they basically that they have some tickets, and they’re going to get back with us. So I’m waiting.

“My assistant was telling me yesterday that they might be able to get some $800 tickets,” the mayor said.

According to the newspaper, Greg Bensel, vice president of communication for the Saints, said officials told Nagin’s office Wednesday they would give the mayor the option to purchase tickets. Bensel did not specify what seats or the price, however.