One California city was ranked in a recent magazine article that listed “The Gayest Cities In America.”

And no, it’s not the one you think.

The ranking done by The Advocate, a magazine geared towards gay news and entertainment, used the following categories, among others, as a point system:

  • Gay elected officials
  • Same-sex couple households per capita
  • Statewide marriage equality

“Determined by a completely unscientific but accurate statistical equation, these gayest cities may surprise you,” author Mike Albo wrote.

No, San Francisco was not on the list.

But the following California city did make the list:

No. 14 San Diego.

“Why San Diego when L.A. is so close? (The question almost answers itself.) San Diego has always been more bi-friendly, mellower, less snooty, and a place to which L.A. gays frequently escape.”