Sacramento City Manager Ray Kerridge is resigning.

There are no details of the reason behind his resignation yet. He told a friend and former colleague of mine, Marcos Breton of The Sacramento Bee, on Wednesday.

Kerridge has been with the city since January 2005 when he became Sacramento’s Assistant City Manager for Development Services, Transportation and Utilities.

Kerridge became Sacramento’s City Manager in January 2006, replacing former City Manager Bob Thomas.

From Breton:

During the last 18 months, with the economy stalled, Kerridge has contended with a $50 million city budget deficit — and scandals that plagued operations in both the development and utilities departments.

There were rumors that some councilmembers were trying to get him fired, but Kerridge told The Bee he was not leaving under duress.

“The council is very fractured and it’s difficult to get things done,” Kerridge said.

He said he plans to take a private sector job in another state, but wouldn’t name the firm. His last day will be March 12.