City Manager Ray Kerridge announced his resignation Wednesday.  His departure is the latest example of a broken system of political leadership at City Hall. 

Mr. Kerridge is the casualty of an outdated city charter that promotes politics over progress and self interest over the well being of Sacramento.

Mr. Kerridge’s challenges and frustrations with the City Council have been well documented over the years.  In his own words, “The Council is very fractured and it is difficult to get things done” (Sacramento Bee, 2/17/10).

“Sacramento is losing a talented and good man.  I can’t say as I blame him, I can only imagine the frustration of having to answer to nine different bosses that are rarely on the same page.  We need to reform our government so that there is clear direction and accountability.  Until we do that, we are not going to be able to recruit or retain talented people like Ray Kerridge,” said SAG spokesman Steve Maviglio.

“This is just another example of our broken system that needs fixing.  It underscores our need to pass the Charter Reform Package in November.”

Under the Charter Reform Package, the city manager’s role would be far more defined.  The manager would be accountable to the mayor, clearing up the confusion of having to answer to eight council members and a mayor. 

Todd Roberson represents Sacramentans Accountable Government.