A representative from the Citizens for Better City Government served Hughson City Councilman Doug Humphreys notice Wednesday evening of the group’s intention to circulate a recall petition against him. 

At 7:47 p.m. Vice-Chairman Peter Sugia served Humphreys his notice saying only, “Mr. Humphreys, you are served. Thank you.” As Sugia and his partner, who served as witness, were turning their car around, Humphreys stood on his driveway holding the Notice of Intent as it was engulfed in flames. 

Twenty registered voters of the City of Hughson signed the Notice of Intention.

Citizens for Better City Government’s steering committee made the decision to move forward with a recall election against three Hughson City Councilmen on Tuesday, Feb. 2nd. The vote to move forward was unanimous. Citizens must give the notice of intent to an officer subject to recall under elections law.

“This is another embarrassing outburst of anger and disdain by Mr. Humphreys.  His disrespect for his constituents, lack of respect for the code of ethics, and lack of ability to control his temper is becoming unbearable.” said Dianne David, another Citizens Committee member. 

Humphreys’ reaction follows on the heels of remarks by another councilman the Citizens group hopes to recall. Thom Crowder called his opponents “contentious little rats” and said that their attempts to recall him were “nauseating.”

To add further insult to injury Mr. Crowder was quoted in the last city council meeting as saying “ethics training is a waste of time.”

Citizens for Better City Government is an organized group of concerned citizens. The group was formed to hold local government accountable for their actions and to see that a legal process of government is maintained. The group is demanding the resignation or removal of three city councilmen after a scathing Civil Grand Jury report that recommended the State Attorney General remove them from office. 

The Citizens group has stated that they would end the recall effort if the councilman would resign from office.