Local municipalities in particular have grappled with a struggling economy and declining revenues and sales tax receipts while demand on city and local services has remained.

Riverside County, and by extension – Menifee – is currently facing some of the toughest economic challenges in the state, including record high unemployment second only to Detroit Michigan. 

Difficult times such as these demand true leadership. 

Leadership that can steer a steady ship. For his leadership and innovation, Scott A. Mann of the Menifee City Council, has been awarded as PublicCEO’s City Councilmember Of The Year.

Menifee, a new city incorporated in June of 2008, has truly lead the way in identifying creative ways to stimulate the local economy and keeping its eyes on the City’s long term objectives. 

Mann has spearheaded the city’s stimulus measures and built strong coalitions to ensure the success of the efforts.  He has gone above and beyond to ensure that Menifee do all that it can to help the city’s residents.

Whether it’s working with businesses and streamlining permit processes or reducing fees for construction projects, Menifee has worked hand in hand with residents and the business community to find unique ways to stimulate the local economy and ensure that city residents’ quality of life is protected and enhanced.    

Recently, Menifee unveiled a new Visa co-branded Homebuyers Stimulus Program check card.  The card is provided to new homebuyers in Menifee only with $500 to spend on anything they need for their new home.  In addition, after two years, homeowners become eligible for a property tax rebate equivalent to one year without property taxes (or 50 percent of what they have already paid in property taxes).

The program, combined with the other stimulus measures, encourages residents to help put people back to work in Menifee. 

Since the stimulus measures have been in place, Menifee has seen an increase in new permits and previously stalled projects have been given new life. Homebuyers are making a long-term commitment to the community, which in turn supports the need for commercial construction and retail.

Join us in congratulating Scott A. Mann on this award in local government.

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