The Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee met on both Wednesday and Thursday last week to approve a variety of stopgap budget solutions.

One of the more controversial revenue measures that would require businesses and governmental agencies to withhold taxes on independent contractors was ultimately not put up for a vote last week, although the committee may vote on it sometime this week.

This proposal will cost local government, including special districts, money and resources to implement because accounting systems would have to be upgraded to implement the withholding.

In addition, districts would be responsible for remitting the withholding to the Franchise Tax Board on an annual basis. CSDA is opposed to this short-sighted budget gimmick. Read CSDA’s opposition letter here.

We encourage you to join in opposing this budget proposal! The most useful form of advocacy right now would be for legislators to hear from their constituents, like you!

Call your assembly member and senator or send your own letter of opposition using this template. Legislators are already hesitant to vote on this proposal so we need to keep the pressure on!