Let’s get a bit snarky, a bit investigative, and try an exercise here.

Using a completely non-scientific method, I’ll determine the biggest newsmakers in local governments in California, by headlines.

By typing the following keywords into Google News, setting results only for California:

By the way, the result is ALWAYS something on San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom – always, without fail. This time it’s a piece on Newsom appearing on National cable news show, “The O’Reilly Factor.” 

“City Council”
Here’s a hint at where our heads are at in America. The top headline for “city council,” sorted by relevance, is “City Council Honors Reality Show Winners.” Nice job on that proclamation, San Diego, you’re really making news.

“Board of Supervisors”
This keyword opens up a conversation of supervisors dipping into taxpayer money to pay for their personal commute. You can argue the fairness of nohing the pennies spent here, but you can’t argue the fact that public trust for government is low and how this may look.

This is what is being reported: “Every time four of the five Tulare County supervisors commute from their homes to county offices in Visalia, they charge the taxpayers mileage at a rate of 55 cents a mile. They also are paid $568.44 a month as a car allowance.” Tagged with a photo SUVs and Trucks parked outside a Supervisors meeting.

… Alright, these keywords brought more relevant results:

The top headline here is “Cities stand to lose $95 million to state.” This one is no surprise. Sit down with any city OR COUNTY decisionmaker and ultimately the covnersation moves to the state’s raid of local money.  In this instance, it’s Coachella Valley cities losing millions as part of the state’s effort to raise billions.

The keyword “counties” is bring back and fierce load of State Of Emergencies due to destructive storms sweeping Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, San Francisco, and Siskiyou counties.

How are counties dealing with these emergencies? Dealing with damage can’t be cheap.

Like I said, nothing scientific. Though it does give a pretty good outline of what the public is seeing when it comes to local government. See something out there, e-mail me at jspencer@publicceo.com