The city of Red Bluff is checking in on the digs of Mayor Jeff Moyer following a complaint that he is living in a commercial district.

Moyer brushed off the idea, saying he isn’t trying to hide where he lives. The mayor admits he lives in an apartment attached to a property management building.

According to the Red Bluff Daily News, “Moyer’s business partner Ernie Martinez bought the building in March 2005, the living space was already there. They have made no major modifications to the building since it was purchased.”

Moyer told the newspaper that he does not know who made the complaint and finds it disturbing to know that someone cares that much about where he lives.

“It’s unsettling to know that someone is watching me and paying attention to where I live,” he told the paper. “I have no idea who this person is.”

City staff contacted Moyer while investigating the complaint.

City Manager Martin Nichols told the Daily News that it is standard for city staff to investigate when complaints of code violations are made.