A fundamental foundation of CSAC is communication: how we communicate important information to our members, and how we communicate with key external audiences, such as state decision-makers, the media and the public.

We are constantly looking for ways to enhance our communication efforts. And as times change and communication methods evolve, CSAC is evolving as well.

I’m proud to announce that CSAC has launched a new communications tool that will assist in our efforts to inform and educate both our members and the other audiences outlined above, as well as generate thought-provoking conversations on issues that impact California Counties.

Called “The County Voice,” this blog is a new feature on the CSAC Web site.

This new blog will provide access to breaking information on issues in Sacramento and Washington DC, as well as provide a forum for the exchange of viewpoints within the California County family. I urge you to use this site to not only learn new information, but also to express your views on topics of interest either through posting comments or submitting guest author pieces. We are very interested in the “The County Voice” not just being the voice of CSAC staff, but from our membership as well.

“The County Voice” will also enhance other new social media tools we have begun to utilize, such as Twitter, Facebook and even audio casts.

While you need to register in order to comment on a blog post, you can just read the regular posts without registering should you choose not to. Also, if you have an RSS reader, you can subscribe to our blog feed by simply clicking the orange RSS button at the top of the blog. You’ll be notified whenever we have a new post.

I am confident you will find our new blog to be useful, informative, educational and perhaps, at times, entertaining. (Yes, we must still keep our senses of humor during these difficult times.)

Enjoy “The County Voice” and please give us your feedback.

Paul McIntosh
Executive Director
California State Association of Counties