We ran a report by Jon Fleischman in February about Robert Stryk, a 34-year-old Washington, D.C., lobbyist with a transient and questionable background.

Stryk one day decided he would throw his hat into the ring to be the next Mayor of the small Napa County town of Yountville, population approximately 3,000.

His troubled past …

“We’re talking about lots of corporations founded and terminated, lawsuits, liens on property, and even an apparent eviction and a foreclosure (I say apparent because I’m looking at online websites, not actually looking at the original, physical documents). 

On top of that I find that in the last ten plus years the guy has lived at the better part of a half-dozen addresses all around the Phoenix and Scottsdale, but he has also lived at addresses all around California, specifically Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Francisco – and Washington, D.C., of course.  Sounds like Stryk is living up to the reputation of his business.”

Over this past weekend, a throng of more information came out. The Napa Valley Register did some digging and released three articles:

You can read more of Fleischman’s stuff at www.flashreport.org