A grand jury in Sacramento has called for an overhaul of the Rio Linda Water district, according to a Sacramento Bee article published Monday afternoon.

From The Bee: “Things have gotten so out of control at the Rio Linda/Elverta Community Water District – with political squabbling, lawsuits, wasted taxpayer money and a generally unsafe water system – that it’s time to reorganize the dysfunctional local government agency, according to the Sacramento County Grand Jury.”

“Based upon its investigation, the grand jury has little hope that (the water district) will be able to take the necessary corrective actions without outside help,” wrote Rosemary Kelley, the grand jury forewoman, in a cover letter accompanying the report. “The conduct of the board of directors has been deplorable. It has wasted taxpayers’ dollars at the same time that it has brought disrepute on the District … Since they have failed repeatedly in the past, there is no reason to believe that they will be successful in the future. The only hope for the District is that major changes are enforced.”

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