Erin Treadwell is CSAC’s Communication Coordinator. For more, visit The County Voice.

April 13, 2010 was one for the CSAC history books.  Over the past month, and continuing through April, CSAC staff is giving short board presentations on the status of the State budget and information on CSAC events and services. 

Tuesday, there were presentations given in 10 different counties, by 11 staff all at the same time. We think that’s a first for us.  The next big date on our calendar is April 20th, when we’ll have five presentations in five counties.

And don’t think there isn’t a sense of kinship among the staff and their assigned County ala a beloved sporting team. 

As we report back on the visits during staff meetings, there is usually a robust exchange on who had the best experience, learned the most, had the most animated Board of Supervisors, or witnessed the most stirring event, such as honoring literacy mentors, which underscores what counties do for 38 million Californians every day. (Go Tehama and Tulare!)

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