Bob Gorson is the City Manager of Taft. The first article described how redevelopment started and what redevelopment funds may be used for generally and the second article described how redevelopment benefits communities and improves the lives of its community stakeholders. This article takes a closer look at the economic impact of redevelopment activities.

California has 397 active redevelopment agencies in communities throughout the state.  Redevelopment’s economic contribution to California’s economy was $40.79 Billon in FY 2006-2007 and 303,946 jobs were created.  During that single fiscal year, more than $2 Billion in new State and local taxes were generated due to redevelopment activities.

Similarly, 78,750 units of affordable housing was built or rehabilitated since 1995 and 18,522 units of low and moderate income housing is expected to built or refurbished over the next two years by redevelopment agencies.  After the federal government, redevelopment agencies are the second largest funder of affordable housing in California!

While redevelopment agencies are probably the least understood local government entity, redevelopment agencies breathe new life into areas in need of revitalization and create new opportunities in the areas of local communities that most need it.

The primary purpose of redevelopment agencies is to build better communities.  Redevelopment agencies invest local dollars to support and create jobs, eliminate blight, and strengthen local economies by building safe, healthy, affordable and sustainable communities throughout California.

The California Redevelopment Association (CRA) advocates for the interests of city and county redevelopment agencies before the California Legislature and Administration, preserves, protects and promotes the tools of redevelopment, conducts professional development seminars and conferences, and provides public information and education on redevelopment issues and activities. 

The next and future articles will describe a new Strategic Plan for Redevelopment and interesting related topics.

If you are interested in learning more about how redevelopment activities benefit communities, please visit the CRA website at , visit the City of Taft website at or contact Taft City Manager Bob Gorson at (661) 763-1222, ext. 12.