David Liebler is the Director of Public Affairs and Member Services for the California State Association of Counties. For more, visit The County Voice.

Since 1947, the symbolic “Doomsday Clock” has provided insight into how close we are to a global disaster. For CSAC and our member counties, our own clock has been ticking for the past four months.

It’s a clock that focuses on the enormous state budget deficit and the action our state elected leaders will have to take in order to balance the books. The clock will inch closer to midnight next week when the Governor releases his revised 2010-11 budget plan.

Journalist and longtime Capitol observer Greg Lucas wrote an insightful piece yesterday on his blog, California‘s Capitol. Titled “Lay of the Budget Landscape as the May Revision Approaches,” the posting sets the premise for what could be a long, hot summer in the State Capitol.  It’s a worthy read.

Greg has been covering the State Capitol and its inhabitants for the better part of two decades.  His candor and insight are refreshing.  That’s why we have asked him to be the featured speaker at our upcoming Legislative Conference. We know you will find him informative and entertaining.  Greg will definitely have plenty to talk about.

Until then, the clock continues to run. Tick tock, tick tock.

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