There’s a cloud over San Bernardino County politics.

One of those dark, threatening clouds that will either dump on the community or break up and reveal some much-needed sunshine.

The San Bernardino Sun Editorial Board recommended Janice Rutherford for the 2nd District seat on the County Board of Supervisors.

This is no surprise.

The county needs change – big time. The editorial serves as more of a blow to incumbent Paul Biane, who the editorial says, “pops up at the center of most of the recent scandals that have wracked county government.”

“The relentless scandals emanating from the highest echelons of county government are not only an embarrassing indication of the failure of the current crop of elected leaders, they’re an impediment to economic recovery.”

San Bernardino County politics has too often been the center of scandals. One glance through PublicCEO’s “Could Be Worse” section reveals the heavy San Bernardino presence.

The editorial board at the Sun understands that change is needed.

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