David Liebler is the Director of Public Affairs and Member Services for the California State Association of Counties. For more, visit The County Voice.

One part of CSAC’s mission is to provide our membership with as much information and knowledge as possible surrounding county government. While we have traditionally done so through our major meeting workshops, policy committee meetings and the New Supervisors Institute, CSAC launched a new endeavor just 16 months ago: The CSAC Institute for Excellence in County Government.

Last November, the Institute reached its first milestone: our first five individuals were honored with Institute credentials. Another dozen were presented with their credentials at the CSAC Legislative Conference earlier this month. In just over a year after the Institute’s first course was given, 17 county leaders had successfully completed the necessary 60 hours of course work. And just last week, the Institute’s list of registrants topped 1,000.

Institute courses have received rave reviews. Working in conjunction with the University of Southern California and California State University Sacramento, Institute leadership has put a priority on ensuring the faculty is top-notch.  With the influx of new county executive staff and the incoming class of county supervisors, courses are being tailored to specifically meet their needs.

And these courses are proving to be popular. More than 85 county supervisors and staff registered for the recent course on realignment; another 55 attended a course on water issues in California.  We expect strong turnouts for many of our summer courses, as well, with a curriculum that includes courses on social services and retirement and other post-employment benefits. To review a summer course schedule, click here.

The courses are cost-effective and focus on topics which county supervisors and executives can put to use back in their own counties. We urge you to consider attending classes, or sending your staff. It’s an investment that will pay great dividends.

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