The 31-year-old “farmworker’s kid” will become mayor of his hometown after years of dedicated involvement in his Yolo County city.

Sacramento Bee columnist Marcos Breton wrote a great piece Wednesday profiling the new mayor of Woodland, Artemio Pimentel.

Pimintel is a product of the College Assistance Migrant Program, created to assist the children of farmworkers at four-year colleges.

Breton writes:

Pimentel will be one of the youngest mayors in the region, and he’s a self-made man politically.

Though he comes from an ethnic community known for fostering deep suspicions of authority figures, Pimentel embraces institutions, works from the inside.

He’s proud that his parents came from a tiny village in the Mexican state of Michoacán, but Pimentel was the top vote-getter in Woodland because he sought to appeal to everyone.

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