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There are a lot of opinions as to why California is in the budget mess it is currently experiencing. One which we hear regularly is that the state has a spending problem. The California Progress Report published an interesting piece a few days ago that argues just the opposite.

Titled “Texas Budget Deficit Shatters Myth About California’s Deficit,” the column points out that Texas is facing a budget deficit the size of California’s ($18 Billion). But Texas spends significantly less per resident than California, so overspending isn’t the issue. And since Texas doesn’t have an income tax, a tax decrease isn’t the answer to jump-start the economy.

In conclusion, the author says we should look to the model of Pat Brown, who invested heavily into California’s infrastructure and services to ultimately produce prosperity. Even if you don’t agree with the premise layed out by its author, the column is an interesting read and undoubtedly provides some more ammunition to the budget debate.

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