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California counties and CSAC staff wish to express to the family Senator Dave Cox our most sincere sympathies on the death of the senator.  Senator Cox passed away Tuesday after a lengthy battle with cancer.

In his time at the Capitol as a Senator and Assemblyman, and before that, as a Sacramento County Supervisor, Senator Cox was known for his commitment to his constituents in rural California and an unwavering focus on government effectiveness and efficiency.  He conducted himself with dignity, respect, and heart.  His efforts on behalf of California counties, most recently in his role as the chair of the Senate Local Government Committee, were exemplary.  The citizens of Senate District 1, and indeed, all Californians, have lost an honorable public servant.

Notably, Senator Cox championed the needs of rural counties in California.  Representing all or part of twelve Northern California counties, Senator Cox was dedicated to ensuring the rural voice was heard in Capitol debates.  His lawmaking was solution-oriented, focused, and conducted with humor and wit.  We are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with him and with his outstanding staff on issues of critical importance to California counties.

Cards and condolences may be sent to the Senator’s Capitol office, and we’ve attached links here for additional information on the Senator’s life.
News release from Senator Cox’s Office

Sacramento Bee article

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