Maywood Interim City Manager Angela Spaccia on Friday resigned from her position in the wake of the salary scandal in Bell. Spaccia was second-in-command in Bell and made $376,288 as the Bell Assistant City Manager.

Here’s the real kicker: Serving as Maywood’s top executive since February, Spaccia oversaw the city’s decision to layoff virtually every city employee and disband the police department. All these services were outsourced to … Bell. For $50,833 per month.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that:

In an e-mail to City Council members, Spaccia said she was resigning out of concern that the growing media attention would detract from Maywood’s ability to move forward with the financial and structural reforms needed, said city spokeswoman Magdalena Prado.

Despite the negative media attention, Prado said Spaccia had performed well while with the city and helped bring it back from the brink of bankruptcy. She said the City Council would begin an immediate search for a permanent city manager.

Stay tuned on this issue …

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