Delivering the taxpayers another critical project on time and on budget, Western Water Constructors, Inc. has successfully completed a $38,000,000 project for the Central Marin Sanitation Agency (CMSA) in San Rafael California.

The wastewater treatment plant expansion project consisted of two primary clarifiers, two chlorine contact tanks, an enhanced primary treatment and a 155 million gallon per day pump station.  Western Water’s employees placed 8,000 yards of structural concrete; installed all mechanical, piping and equipment including a challenging tie-in to an 84 inch marine outfall pipeline and provided over 14,500 hours to apprentices who are training for employment in the construction industry. 

CMSA General Manager Jason Dow said “Western Water and their staff are well organized, professional and dedicated to quality construction and a safe working environment.  I and the CMSA staff look forward to working with Western Water on future projects, and recommend that they be favorably considered for water and wastewater treatment plants, related improvement, expansion, and rehabilitation projects”.

In May 2007, CMSA considered placing a controversial anti-competitive Project Labor Agreement (PLA) on this project.  A PLA would have ended competitive bidding by ensuring only union workers could be hired and would have denied over 80% of California’s construction workforce – including Western Water – the opportunity to work on the project.  After surveying Contractors about the cost impacts, CMSA rejected the PLA and put the project out to competitive bid allowing Western Water and other companies to bid the project.  Their decision took politics out of the decision-making process and gave taxpayers the best value and quality for their money.

Western Water believes successful projects are delivered SAFELY, on time, on budget, and done with open and fair competition. This successful project is another example of how taxpayers benefit from an open and fair competitive bidding process.