In California, we spend more money a year on taxes than most spend on food, clothing, and shelter combined.   As Californians we also pay some of the highest taxes in the nation, including the highest sales and income taxes.

Yet Sacramento Democrats are scheming to take away even more of your hard-earned dollars to compensate for their over-spending despite a staggering $12.5 billion tax increase imposed just last year!

With the highest sales tax and second highest income tax in the country, Democrats are planning again to raise billions of dollars in new taxes. Here are just some of the measures that they have proposed:

  • $14 Billion in a New Income Tax Increase over 5 years.
  • $1.4 Billion Tax on Oil- Californians already pay 63.9 cents/gallon, the highest in the nation.
  • 4.8% Tax Increase on New Home Insurance Policies- another hit on home and property owners.
  • Tax on the Miles you Drive- a “pilot program” that will lead to taxing Californians on the number of miles they drive each year.
  • 25 Cents Per Bag Grocery Store Tax- a “green” bag fee of at least 25 cents on each bag for groceries.
  • 10 Cents Per Soda- taxing the soda you drink based on sugar content.
  • $3 Tax on Traffic Tickets- a tax increase of $3 per ticket
  • Tax on Parking- workers that receive free or subsidized parking will now be taxed for it as income.

To make matters worse, Californians are facing hundreds of billions in increases for employers, ratepayers, property owners, and local taxpayers from recently enacted policies:

  • $210 Billion in New Health Care Taxes- taxes on employers to fund a new government-run health care plan
  • $146 Billion in New Global Warming Taxes- AB 32 related cap and trade could result in $146 billion in new costs being passed on to consumers.
  • $420 Million Lost by Repealing Job Creating Tax Incentives- California’s unemployment rate is currently 12.5% and growing, but businesses are treated like enemies.
  • Potentially Billions in New Local Tax Increases- Democrats are paving the way for authorizing cities and counties to establish local income taxes and car taxes.
  • Potentially Billions in a Split Roll Property Tax- will increase taxes on property owned by businesses that create jobs in California.

It seems to me that my colleagues across the aisle refuse to hear the voice of the people. We already live in a state that is ranked last in the nation for business, with some of the strictest regulations and highest taxes around. Voters across our great state spoke loud and clear last May when they voted two to one against tax increases. All the same, they continue to push for more. Our weakened economy is merely the tip of the iceberg, with worse to come if we continue down this path.

The economic troubles currently facing Greece should serve as a wake up call to us all. A country that was once ranked amongst the thirty largest economies in the world is now in the midst of a full blown economic meltdown. How did they get there you ask? Simple; they continued to spend and borrow until credit dried up and their looming deficits reached a point of no return. California is currently treading in eerily similar waters. If Greece foreshadows what is in store, I am all the more convinced that we must put a stop to our practices now. As you can clearly see, over-spending and senseless taxation is not a long term solution. Let the majority party know that you will no longer finance their pet projects and out of control spending by allowing them to take away your hard earned dollars. If government continues to “kick” taxpayers like skunks, they should stick around for the smell.

You spoke loud and clear in the last election, and you told Sacramento no new taxes.  Call your legislators, and remind them – once and for all – who they work for.  Together, we can win this fight.