Don’t expect an answer to the question, “What’s going on in Oxnard,” at least for months.

Prosecutors said they will need months to analyze the information secrued in a raid on Oxnard City Hall last week regarding possible misuse of public funds.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting:

In a written statement, Ventura County Dist. Atty. Greg Totten said the investigation does not focus on “inflated salary and pension-spiking concerns” like those in the city of Bell. He declined to give details of the probe, however, saying only that it “involved potential misappropriation of public monies, the handling of contracts involving public works and other city projects, and potential conflicts of interest.”

According to some Oxnard officials, accusations related to a $250-million water project are at the heart of the raid, which was conducted Friday by district attorney’s investigators and FBI agents.

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