As required by State Controller John Chiang, the City of Bell posted the complete compensation packages of salaries and benefits of Bell City employees at on Friday, August 6th.

Committed to an open and fully transparent city government, Interim City Administrative Officer Pedro Carrillo also ordered the City’s finance director to provide the complete compensation packages for the former Administration, in response to inquiries under the Public Information Request Act.

The following, is Interim CAO Pedro Carrillo’s statement on the release of this public document:

“We have established new protocols to ensure Bell is an open government and released all current city staff salaries and compensation.  Due to the voluminous requests for public documents regarding the former administration, I have also ordered the finance director to provide the total compensation packages for the former CAO, the former Assistant CAO and the former Police Chief.  That information is now available.  

In addition, I directed the new City Attorney to launch a full investigation to analyze the legality of compensation packages for all employees as well as the departed Administrators.”